Photograph Competition: 1st September 2015 – 31st August 2016


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Grand Winner:  ‘St Davids’ by M_Moro1 – £200


Winners Stage 3

  1. ‘Cathedral Last Lightr’ by David4Rugs – £25
  2. ‘Cathedral bridge & waterfall’ by Brian Horswill – £15
  3. ‘St Davids Head and Carn Llidi’ by Barrie Foster – £10

Winners Stage 2

  1.  ‘Entrance to Solva Harbour’ by Jane Griffiths  – £25
  2.  ‘Grey Seal Pup’ by David4Rugs    – £15
  3.  ‘Early Morning from Carn Llidi’  by David4Rugs  – £10

Winners Stage 1
(first 2 months)

  1.  ‘St Davids’ by M_Moro1      – £25
  2.  ‘At Peace’ by Lyndon            – £15
  3.  ‘Sunset Dreams’ by elzebar  – £10

Note: The final decision was made independently by the committee – winners will be notified. 

This is the first time that we are having a ‘web based’ competition and together with our web developer, Web Adept, we are refining the process which is built upon a WordPress template.  Entries must be taken on the Peninsula and we are aware of how ‘canvassing’ can affect online voting.

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£200 Winning Photograph
by Mohamed from Neyland.