Life Boat Station

Some 2 miles to the south west of St Davids City is the small inlet of St Justinian’s.

Originally the site of St. Justinian’s Chapel which is now a ruin and still visible on the approach from the car park above the inlet. The ruins are what is left of a medieval chapel, where legend has it that St Justinian’s remains were once buried.

St Justinian’s is better known today as the site of the lifeboat station for this part of Pembrokeshire. The lifeboat station operates two boats and covers an area of some 550 square miles from Abermawr to the north down to Skomer Island in the south.
More information on the lifeboat station here.


Lifeboat launch station at St Justinian’s – note the two access routes to the station (steps and rail for goods).


Currently a new lifeboat station is being built just east of the current site.



St Justinian’s is a popular destination during the summer months with visitors coming to see both the the Chapel and the lifeboat station and many also coming to take a cruise out to Ramsey Island which can be seen in the distance. The island is owned and managed by the RSPB and is a nature reserve.


Photo montage of new lifeboat station currently being built, the current one (red roof) and the original one behind.

£200 Winning Photograph
by Mohamed from Neyland.