Local Buses & Taxis

Public Transport is well worth considering when you are walking stretches of the coast line, if you don’t want to walk in circles or the same way back!

Take the bus out and walk back to your accommodation or car – now that’s an idea worth investigating:-

Coastal Buses:
Celtic Coaster does an hourly circuit around the St Davids area (Summer only).

Strumble Shuttle is the coastal bus running from St Davids up the north coast to Fishguard.

Puffin Shuttle is the coastal bus running from St Davids down the south coast past Newgale and on to Dale.

Dogs are welcome on all buses.

There is also a near hourly bus service (411) between St Davids and Haverfordwest (where the nearest railway station is) and a two hourly bus service (413) from St Davids to Fishguard (where there is also a railway station). Both are Monday to Saturday services – Local Bus Timetables

Stena Line have twice daily sailings from Fishguard to Rosslare in Ireland.

And if there is no convenient bus, then there is always City of St Davids Taxis – call Frank on mobile 07974 391522  or landline 01437 721731  or email:  frank@stdavidstaxis.co.uk


To plan any trip by public transport in Wales, head off to the web site www.traveline.cymru

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