St Davids Peninsula


St Davids Peninsula – the most western extremity of Wales, jutting out into the Irish Sea. And just off the point is the RSPB nature reserve of Ramsey Island as seen above.

The peninsula is becoming an eldorado for out of doors activities and renewable energy while the traditonal farming way of life continues on the land.

Out doors:

Top of the list has to be walking the (long distance) coast path – any length up to 186 miles! During the spring time, the coast is tranformed from green to pink with the sea thrift. During the autumn months, seals can be spotted along the coast.

Then there are all sports associated with the coast, sea & surf such as wave surfing, wind surfing, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, swimming, coasteering, rock climbing, jogging .  .   .

Renewable Energy:

Could well become the third most important industry after farming and tourism. Wind and tidal energy are having an ever more important role to play see Tidal Energy.

The offshore Islands:

Watch a video about Ramsey Island – a RSPB nature reserve a mile off the coast SW of St Davids.

The Smalls Rock and lighthouse (about 20 miles offshore) – the stone and parts for the lighthouse were shipped out from Solva Harbour – see plaque on harbour building. More information about lighthouse.

£200 Winning Photograph
by Mohamed from Neyland.